Perfectly Correct

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Dr Louise Case has the right career, the right country cottage and a commitment-free relationship with a fellow academic. According to contemporary  codes, it’s all very correct – except that Louise begins to suspect it’s far from perfect.

Then along comes Rose, eighty if she’s a day, who effortlessly disrupts everything. Soon both campus and cottage are in chaos, while the old lady commences to set her own house – a decrepit old van – in order. And this includes an unthinkably traditional role for Louise…

Behind the book

Released in 1996

This is a novel about feminism, about sisterhood, and about the risibly difficult path that all women have to tread carefully trying to be correct and trying to be perfect.



Times Literary Suppliment

"Gregory shows us she can do something rare and worth cherishing - write memorable English farce"

The Times

"Timely and never less than entertaining"


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