Alice Hartley's Happiness

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Alice Hartley is a woman in her prime. Yet she's not happy.

Her husband refuses to respond to her mature delights, leaving her powerless as his interest strays elsewhere. But a chance encounter brings her the opportunity to escape and embrace the taste of freedom.

Liberation comes in the shape of a large, rambling house, access to a small fortune and the chance to create a lifestyle so alternative that visitors forget why they came. Here Alice can experiment with her brand of healing, release her inhibitions, and convert others. Sometimes she is even beneficial. Only those too blind to see the advantage of what she offers would be judgmental – but alas few people know what is good for them, and Alice may have to swap brown rice for cold turkey…

Behind the book

Released in 1992

This was the first comical book that I ever tried to write and it came at a moment when I was feeling relaxed and joyful and ready to laugh at the New Age beliefs, many of which I sincerely embraced. It's a kind of laughing tribute.

Book opens in 1980

Previously published in the UK as 'Mrs Hartley and the Growth Centre' and in the US as 'Midlife Mischief'.

This book was adapted for television as 'Mrs Hartley and the Growth Centre' in 1995, starring Pam Ferris and Ken Christiansen.




"Captivates with its luxurious detail, scintillating characters and daring plot."


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