The Princess Rules

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Princess Florizella may live in a classic fairy-tale world, but she’s no ordinary princess…

These three stories were originally published under the titles Princess FlorizellaPrincess Florizella and the Wolves and Princess Florizella and the Giant.

They were originally dedicated to her daughter but have been reimagined in this edition which she has dedicated to her grandchildren.

“Princess Florizella was friends with some of the princesses who had studied the Princess Rules, and behaved just as the Rules said they should. Florizella thought their hair was lovely: so golden and so very long. And their clothes were nice: so richly embroidered. And their shoes were delightful: so tiny and handmade in silk. But their days bored her to death…”

Instead, Princess Florizella rides her horse, Jellybean, all over the kingdom, having adventures of her own…



The Princess Rules is illustrated by Chris Chatterton, and was released as an ebook and audiobook worldwide on 14 November 2019. It is also available as a hardback in the UK. 

The hardback edition was made available in Australia and New Zealand on 18 November 2019, and in Canada in January 2020. A paperback edition was released in the US in May 2020.


Behind the book

Released in 2019

I thought it was time to republish Princess Florizella – my darling counter-Cinderella heroine. But when I re-read it, I realised that I wanted to rewrite it completely and here it is: The Princess Rules. In it, I imagine that there is a code of mad behaviour which Princesses are required to follow, but my heroine Florizella decides that she is going to ignore. How does a sporty, spirited, funny girl fit into a world which has unfair expectations which would limit and contain her? She finds her own way, and she explains her path to her parents and her friend Prince Bennet. We are all princesses breaking the Princess Rules.



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"These gently feminist fairy tales celebrate individuality, friendship, and partnership. A collection that belongs in all libraries serving youngsters."

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