Order of Darkness Volume IV: Dark Tracks

Part of The Order of Darkness Series


Luca Vero is a member of the secret Order of Darkness, tasked by his master to uncover the truth behind strange happenings. Together with Lady Isolde, her friend and confidant Ishraq, Luca’s manservant Freize, and Brother Peter, Luca travels across medieval Europe – seeking out the signs of the end of days, judging the supernatural and testing the new science.

Trapped in a village possessed by a dancing madness, the group fights to keep their own sanity. When Isolde dances away in red shoes and Ishraq takes dramatic revenge on their covert assassin the young people discover that the greatest danger is in the men who have come to their rescue. These are the truly dangerous madmen of Europe who carry a dark hatred that will last for centuries. 

Dive deep into the world of medieval legends and disentangle reality from fear in this powerful series from the internationally renowned author of historical fiction Philippa Gregory.

Behind the book

Released in 2018

This is the fourth book in the Order of Darkness series. The first three books are ChangelingStormbringers and Fools’ Gold, which were re-released as a combined edition in 2017. The series has its own website – www.orderofdarkness.com – where you can find more information.

Book opens in 1461

Unusual occurrences are happening in the village of Mauthausen, Austria. People have begun to dance, endlessly and without stopping. They are constantly joined by new dancers, like a plague spreading from one person to next. The villagers are terrified of becoming dancers themselves, believing they have been possessed by demons. This unexplainable phenomenon must be investigated and the truth discovered. Are these people truly possessed, or is there some kind of rational explanation to explain why people are literally dancing themselves to their deaths? 


Joanne Owen, Love Reading 4 Kids

"Menace, madness and medieval adventure abound in this thrilling fourth volume of the atmospheric Order of Darkness series by a doyenne of historical fiction"

Full Review

Han Hunter, Cultbox

"a good historical read with a fast paced plot and a rewarding resolution"

Full Review

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