Bread and Chocolate

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My first, and to date my only, book of collected short stories where I worked on the idea of describing as little as possible, so the short story is filled with emotion but very little action. The story of the title Bread and Chocolate was inspired by a baking Jesuit. (yes, really).

Behind the book


The Times

"To those that have feasted on Joanne Harris's delightful novel Chocolat, the title of this collection of short stories should give ample hint as to their themes...All of these modern morality tales are well observed and tastily enjoyable"

Daily Mail

"This stunning collection of short stories (is) about modern relationships - and modern women. Every twist and turn, nuance and delicacy of the mating game is portrayed...Throughout, Gregory's grasp of the female psyche never errs...It is a significant accomplishment"


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